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Tamale-nista Karen Waikiki is a master of masa, making it from scratch, in the time-intensive old-school way starting with whole heritage corn kernels that are painstakingly stone ground. So stock up on her steamy bundles of goodness, in an array of flavors like roasted green chile-jack cheese; pumpkin-white cheddar; and mushroom-spinach-salsa-2 cheese. There also are no-dairy recipes like butternut squash-green chile, and black bean-salsa. Sample the beauties hot and fresh, too, at her newish restaurant, El Molino Central.

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El Molino Central

Visit our Boyes Hot Springs restaurant
11 Central Ave (along Hwy 12)
Boyes Hot Springs, CA 95416
Open Daily | 8am—8pm

Primavera Tamales
Karen Waikiki
P. O. Box 17396 • Boyes Hot Springs, California 95416 USA
707.939.9350 •

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